Снято с производства: UPH-HWDIR-24 устройство поворотное

Модель UPH-HWDIR-24
Продукты F.01U.142.101

UPH-HWDIR-24 Empty HSPT for Dinon W/IR+Wiper W/24vac
  • Pans up to 100º per second, 360º continuous rotation
  • Tilts up to 40º per second, -90º to +40º range
  • Choice of DinionXF Color or Dinion 2X Day/Night cameras and motorized zoom lens combinations
  • IP 66 rated, tough, attractive casing with up to 20 kg balanced load
  • Optional Bosch AEGIS UFLED Infrared Illuminator assembly attaches directly to the High-Speed Positioning System for operation in dark environments
  • Multi-protocol including Biphase, Bilinx, Pelco-D, and third party protocols on RS-485

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