Изделия Security Escort

Security Escort

SE-COR-433 Координатор, 433МГц б/корпуса

  • Fixed frequency of 433.42 MHz
  • Device controller for up to 15 receivers
  • Can be powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Wired TCP/IP to the host central console; wired (RS-485) to receiver
  • Remote firmware upgradable via wired TCP/IP
  • Built-in 2 inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • Reports alarms, tests, tamper notification, AC power loss, and backup battery status
Security Escort

SE-TRM-433T01 Персональный передатчик, 433МГц

  • Fixed frequency of 433.42 MHz
  • Wireless configuring of transmitter parameters (e.g. transmitter profile, auto-tracking interval) via coordinator/receiver
  • Remote firmware upgradable wirelessly via dedicated coordinator
  • Manual duress / Man-down / Lanyard snatch alarms
  • Supervision tracking
  • Test mode
  • Low battery indication